Preparing for June 10th at City Hall

We got on the news!  But, it's not all favourable since Dr. Lanphear's Letter,  issues about accessibility, parking, enjoyment of green space and all the other negative impacts were left out from our Press Release.  So, please add your comments to the news article, and write to the Park Board Commissioners again.  

Link to news article.

The pictures show the rubber infill and bits of plastic turf blades(not grass)  going into the drain.


Two important meetings on June 10th at City Hall.

Development Board on the Notre Dame synthetic turf application

Notre Dame Secondary School application for a synthetic turf field.  Why does this concern us when it's on private property?  Despite our efforts,  Clinton Park is still on the list to have an "upgrade" to a synthetic turf field.  Park Board and City policy is to add more and more plastic fields to our environment to accommodate the strong lobby from the Vancouver Field Sport Federation for more playing time. This policy needs to be stopped if Clinton Park is to be saved. Help stop the synthetic turf installation at Notre Dame Secondary.

You can send your comments  to the Development Board on the Notre Dame synthetic turf application, or speak at the meeting on June 10th, 3:00, Monday, City Hall.

For Speakers

People can register to speak up until noon on the day of the meeting. After the registered speakers have had their turn to speak, the chair opens the floor to those who have not signed up. For more details about the cut-off, please contact Kathy Cermeno: directly.

Each speaker is given 5 minutes to speak, and they may read a prepared statement in that 5 minutes.

For Written Submissions

Provide the  development permit number DP 2018-00128 for 2880 Venables St, Vancouver, your name and address. Do not to submit last minute, just to make sure they have time to read and consider your comments. 

You can address the comments to: β€œThe Chair and Members of the Development Permit Board,”, and e-mail them directly to the Chair of the Board, Andrea Law

Meet at City Hall.  If you are able,  please support your neighbours, even if you don't plan to speak yourself.

Town Hall Meeting Room on the Ground Floor, City Hall, 453 W. 12 Ave.
June 10th, Monday, 3:00 pm.

Lord Byng Community Rally

Templeton Pool will be closed if VanSplash has its way.  In their November, 2017 , final draft strategy, Park Board staff recommended " Moving away from a predominantly neighbourhood scale pool system and deliver a greater diversity of swimming experiences at larger community and destination scale facilities.". If you support your neigbourhood pools please participate at the rally organized by the Lord Byng community or send your comments to the people listed below.

Contact Lord Byng Splash for info on the Rally at

Bring your best attitude!

June 10th, Monday, 5:00-6:00pm.
Rally outside City Hall, South Entrance  Stairs.

If you are unable to attend the rally, please send your opinion to all of these fine folks.

Vansplash Staff -

VanSplash Advisory Group Facilitator -

Park Board Commissioners -